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by relatives of china's prime minister. this is chinese military intimidation, just like the piracy and counterfeiting of american property that goes on in china all the time. i'm now joined by gordon chang, he's the author of the coming collapse of china, and anne lee is the author of what the u.s. can learn from china. professor at nyu and was also a visiting professor at beijing university. why would the chinese military or otherwise pick on "the new york times"? "the new york times" is only slight tloi tly to the right of. i think china is probably more capitalist that "the new york times" editorial page. so why did they go after the "times"? >> well, when they published the article, it really inflamed a lot of folks. and even though we allege it's the chinese military, we don't really know for sure because there are lots of chinese hackers in china. so it could very well be just rogue nationalist folks who decided to take matters into their own hands. you have to remember he is a very popular leader in china. so with the nationalist sentiment that's been growing in china, it's
than expected. number four, china's manufacturing numbers continued to show expansion. and finally, for those of you in the bad news is good news camp, larry, unemployment rate ticked higher. that means the federal reserve will continue with its stimulus program. back to you. >> all right. many thanks. cnbc's market pro bob pisani. let me just repeat my view quickly on this underappreciated rally. again, profits are the mother's milk of stocks. they are at record highs. that by itself supports the market. plus, easy money from the fed. it's an important but sometimes overrated factor. but that isn't going to end anytime soon. for me the global picture's improving and even though we're not really on a free market supply side path right now, i dare say if washington doesn't bomb us with a mega ton of taxes on investment we should be okay. nothing's ever perfect. and corrections are going to come and go. but all this, i see the stock market running up for a good while. now, let's get some advice on how to play it or disagree with it. go to our distinguished panel. ryan kelly, co-found
forth, japan was, i guess like china is today. pivotal to the world economy. i don't know if that's fair. what japan did affected everybody's expectations. now that we are doing this and maybe they will grow faster i wonder if this will trigger more stock rises here and more investors, retail coming in. they see markets rise. what do you think? do we have reports of retail coming in? >> great question. if the yen continues to weaken, you see the nikkei move higher what does it bring in terms of the global market rally? what's the effect on other emerging market indiceses like india, china, impact europe and the u.s. indices? it's a great question and a trend to follow. >> b.k., i will go so far as to say that this japanese easy move as illustrated by the decline of its currency is helping europe. they do a lot of trading with europe. europe has not had a great stock market. if you look at the aggregate i think they are too tight in the european central bank. you have to love to like the banker. >> listen. i talked about stock and bond markets going down together. i agree. they are too ti
and mcgraw hill. yum still struggling in china. mhp's s&p unit getting sued by the government. green mountain and cvs probably movers for him. >> i want to ask, how big is the dell transaction? it just didnoesn't seem to havee sizzle that it once had. now that they're taking it private again, is it a big deal or small? >> it's a hardware company and not many people believe in the long term viability of hardware companies. hp might break itself up. so if they can get the ibm blueprint down, maybe there's something there. michael dell just has too much pride in the brand. >> we'll leave that there. so we've been talking budgets and taxes and politics. now i have a money politics question. is the spending cuts sequester bullish or bearish for stocks? let's well in our panel. art hogan, michelle caruso-cabre caruso-cabrera, along with mr. shactman. let me go to art. bullish or bearish? there's a debate. some people think the sequester will be terrible for the market, others think it would be good. >> spending cuts are spending cuts. whether we decide to make surgical spending cuts and actually st
all these politicians flying to china, beijing arraignment, it's gigantic, a lot of china envy. the big infrastructure report comes from engineers. civil engineers who would benefit from infrastructure spending. that's like asking a fireman if he wants more fire trucks. we need to update the power grid. >> it's internet and wi-fi. the possibility of modernizing -- >> i'll buy that. >> i think that's what the president is talking about. >> no. >> we don't need high-speed rail. >> david, here's one of my big beefs. this is highway money and bridge money. davis bacon, the prevailing union wick, once you use federal dollars and it's true for these big union states like new york, new jersey and california, once do you that you got to pay the davis bacon prevailing union wage rate which is at least a third higher than if you did it privately. that's my biggest beef about spending all this money. >> well, in our study we showed the cost for doing this work are much higher in a few states compared with the rest of the country like california, new jersey, new york are very high cost sta
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, i think your idea about china is terrific. i think the whole asian situation is a good idea. i have to jump. stick around, folks. cnbc's own maria bartiromo will join to talk about the huge gamble betting on broadway is. tough stuff. big bucks and a slim chance of success. maria bartiromo joins me later in the show. >>> first up, last night for a 35-minute blackout in the super bowl. whoa. beyonce met solyndra. that's right. what do i mean by that? stick around. we'll try to tell you. >> put down more flap. >> just kidding. ♪ [ male announcer ] when we built the cadillac ats from the ground up to be the world's best sport sedan... ♪ ...people noticed. ♪ the all-new cadillac ats -- 2013 north american car of the year. ♪ for a limited time, take advantage of this exceptional offer on the all-new cadillac ats. exceptional offer all stations come over to mithis is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connect
. >> good numbers from china. >> if we can believe them. i don't know. depends how you feel about the numbers. still the numbers were there. that was some after what the market was chewing on today. but a low volume day. >> a lot of talk about apple. we're going go after apple in a second. everyone is talking about apple and its excess cash and what's going to happen and this lawsuit from mine einhorn. >> $137 billion dollar of excess cash. that's a lot of cash. should they be returning it to shareholders? einhorn says give it back to us in the form of preferred shares. he's filed this lawsuit. i think it's interesting really that apple even responded. so often you don't heart company say anything when all of this buzz is going around. i don't know what are going to do. i don't know what the right thing is to do. but i know they should make the shareholders feel like it's worth holding that stock. >> i think there's going to be a lot of movement on that. many thanks to cnbc's courtney reagan who's going to stay with us. we have two savvy investors. my friend zach, let me just ask
see positive effects of our lower energy priceprices. >> and wages are going up in china. it not so cheap. that's great if it's done through market forces. obama wants to penalize you if you're offshore and reward you if you're home. >> i don't disagree. let's not sit here and pretend like government policy isn't always about picking winners and losers. it's just are you picking the winners of the republicans side -- >> it's all wrong. it's all crony capitalism and i can't stand it. it's not free market capitalism. it's crony capitalism. it's political donations capitalism. that stuff infuriates me. the tax code should be low rates and all those deductions and special interest cronyism stuff should be abolished. >> a low-rate neutral tax code, let markets forces determine who the winners and losers are. it's never going to be perfect like that but it needs to be more like that. >> remember how much flak rick santorum caught -- >> from me. >> among others. >> it's a throwback to what they remember from when all the cars were made here. that's not what we're going back to. >> why aren
, but they would rather ship it to china, but they can't get it to our refineries. >> that's cheaper than the west texas crude. if they could get them to the refineries in the gulf cost and the rest of the pipe system would get them to the east and coast coast, but it's all bess stopped by this controversy. no one wants to move. >> who wants to convince the governors of those states that it's a good idea. >> i had the governor from nebraska, he said he's fine with it, they're waiting for obama. >>> so how come stocks are so great? >> people are under the assumption that the central banks will always be there. we get into this self-reinforcing concept that they're the only ones going up, and you have to build. eventually it collapses, but for now it's going up. >>> you've had considerable wealth creation, even more than most, what does that do to the political situations? i don't really see that in the polls. >> i think it helped the president over the last year. you had the market going up, people recapture 401(k)s, it hasn't happened in real estate as much. when you think of the american average
for three, and work for three. taylor says titan will buy a factory in india and china and pay the workers a lot less. nice work if you can get it. >> nice work if you can get it. have you ever heard of anything as ridiculous as what kayla just not made up, reported factually about french non-work habits. >> we've heard for years about the ever shrinking french workweek. this is a country that elected a president thought there was nothing wrong with having the top tax rate be 72% clearly punishing work and productivity. so sadly it's not surprising and it's much to be -- >> if you pay them not to work, jared, this is my worry about your administration. if you pay them not to work, they won't work. >> i'm sorry to bring some numbers and facts to the discussion as opposed to these anecdotes, but french productivity levels, not the growth rates, the levels are the same as ours. french -- the french workforce is as productive as our workforce. now, they don't take their productivity in consumption, they take it in vacations. they are equally as productive -- that's what the numbers show. >> th
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11